“To create”

“Creo” is Latin, “to create.”

Our passion is video. Creo Productions is a Grand Rapids, Michigan video production company. We're full-service, equipped to tell your story from start-to-finish, or collaborate, whether it’s Scripting, HD or DSLR Videography, Editing, Motion Graphics or Animation.

Our clients include international corporations, ad agencies, businesses and non-profits. Visit our blog for our latest videos.

We’re new media storytellers for the 21st Century: collaborative, flexible and relational, tuned into how video is changing global communications.

  • Aaron Carriere, Owner/Creative Director

    Aaron loves storytelling. At Creo, he’s searching for stories, writing, collaborating with clients and editing videos. He loves reading, writing, playing music, films, traveling and spending time his wife, aptly nicknamed Electric Emily. Follow him on Twitter at @aaron_creo.

  • Andrew Tingley, Owner/Production Director

    Our video guru, Andrew’s our chief cinematographer, editor and animator. He’s often planning productions, shooting on set or working in the edit suite. He enjoys woodworking, becoming the MacGyver of video contraptions, and spending time with his beautiful wife Laura and son Logan.