2011: The Final Year of Creo Productions

November 21st, 2011 at 4:07 PM

In life, as in cinema, people must make difficult choices.

After careful consideration, we’ve decided to move on from Creo Productions after 2011, in order to pursue our passions.

Aaron Carriere will be exploring screenwriting and story development, after backpacking South America with his wife this winter.

Andrew Tingley will be focusing on cinematography, starting a new production company in Grand Rapids in 2012.

Derek Rottman, our employee, will be freelancing, specializing in post-production.

We’re moving on with a deep sense of gratitude for this experience over the last five years. We’re thankful for the support of our families, friends and clients who have journeyed with us, beginning with an idea that online video will shape the future, and ending with a successful organization that lived up to its name, “to create.”

Thank you for creating with us.

Aaron and Andrew
Creo Productions

Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the official end date?

We’re planning to complete all projects by December 31, 2011. All of our clients with existing projects know about our plans.

Was the business struggling?

No, our clients have been amazing and our company has been consistently growing. Our decision is rooted in following our passions, dreams and new opportunities. 

Is the company for sale?

No, we’re proud of our relationships and the work we created together as Creo Productions, and we want to preserve those relationships and the reputation of our company.

Will you still work together?

Yes, Andrew and Aaron are interested in future collaboration and remain friends.

Who should we work with?

It’s up to our clients. Andrew will be focusing on cinematography, while Aaron will be focusing on writing and producing, with an emphasis in story development.

How can we contact you?

Our cell phones and emails will remain the same for now.

Click to email Andrew.

Click to email Aaron.

What about client data?

Andrew will be archiving our client data. Contact him directly if you’d like to provide a hard drive to us, or discuss other alternatives.

What about your equipment?

Contact Andrew if you’re interested in our gear. We’ll be selling (2) JVC GY-HM700 cameras, a Canon 35mm 1.4L lens, a tripod, (2) Letus Elite film lens adapters, furniture, Apple computer(s), and monitors. 

What will happen to 40 S. Division?

Contact Aaron if you’re interested in our space. He’s considering creating a collaborative environment for creatives.