April 23rd, 2009 at 6:14 AM

The world's largest art prize in coming to Grand Rapids. The Creo team went down to see the unveiling this morning. Here's the idea:

Artists will display work all over downtown Grand Rapids from September 23-October 10.

The public votes on the best artwork. First place is $250k, second is $100k, third is $50k, and fourth through tenth are $7k each.

is the brainchild of Rick DeVos. Here's a couple quotes from the press release:
“It’s time to reboot the conversation between artists and the public. ArtPrize will be a celebration of art, design, and innovation that will bring artists and the public together like never before,” said ArtPrize creator Rick DeVos.

“I’m astounded by the potential for social networking, community involvement, and the expanded view of the role of art,” said Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell. “ArtPrize will excite the world, and the world will look at our city differently because of it.”
It's a great idea to bring people together. As the presenters said this morning, the brilliance lies in the conversations bound to happen, the stage it's happening on (our city), the quality expectations increasing, as well as the openness of the competition to multiple art forms.

We're looking forward to it!

Here's a Rapid Growth interview with Rick DeVos:

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