Business Goes Straight to Video

February 20th, 2007 at 5:31 AM

One of our favorite articles from Business Week is Business Goes Straight to Video, covering everything from word-of-mouth generated from creative online video, to Microsoft’s use of video testimonials, to companies using online video to recruit top employees.

The article also tracks the growth of online video, citing “the number of U.S. video viewers is expected to surge to 157 million in 2010, from 107.7 million in 2006.” That’s good news. The video market is growing, but how does it impact your company or organization?

That’s where we need to think differently. Read the article and take a few minutes to brainstorm how online video could help your business. After all, who would’ve thought grinding up chicken and Coke would increase blender sales?

It might be the fodder that stirs up your next big idea.

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