Media: Feature Story on Creo Productions

July 17th, 2008 at 6:01 AM

Rapid Growth wrote an in-depth feature, "The Multimedia Men," covering our downtown expansion, the project in Zimbabwe, and our hopes for the future.

GR's own talented Brian Kelly took the photos. Below are only selected excerpts;
make sure to check out the full story.
"Creo Productions was born during a six-week backpacking trip through Europe, as co-founder Aaron Carriere traveled while taking a break between jobs."

"Today, the full-service video, audio and creative production company takes clients' projects from start to finish, including concepts, animation and graphics."

"Behind the company name and logo that adorns the large storefront windows, Carriere and Tingley sit at two desks facing the front door. Tall ceilings give way to bright white walls and wood floors. Just through the kitchen papered with Ansel Adams photographs is a set of steep stairs leading down to what will become the audio production studio."

"But, after viewing a sample of the company's produced work, it's hard to believe the material was created by such a small team, and not a big-budget studio."