New Video: LifeStraw and the Global Water Crisis

July 17th, 2008 at 6:00 AM

LifeStraw is an innovative, life-saving water purification tool, noted as one of the century's most important inventions by CNN, TIME, Forbes, and a host of other media outlets.

We've partnered with international company Vestergaard Frandsen, the creators of LifeStraw, to produce a video about the global water situation and how LifeStraw is saving lives.

We're also honored by Peter's comments about working with us:

"I have worked with many large advertising and production agencies over the years, but none were as easy to work with or as competent as Aaron Carriere and his colleagues at Creo Productions. They quickly developed an appreciation for our technical products, and grew that concept into a smart and beautifully shot promotional video that we can use in countless ways."

-Peter Cleary, Vestergaard Frandsen New York

1. Please watch the video on our portfolio.

2. Please spread the word about LifeStraw.