Techy Blog: Behind Creo Boggle

July 15th, 2008 at 9:11 AM

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Many have commented on our Boggle video (see above), which tells the developing story of Creo Productions. First, we had to locate the elusive Boggle Deluxe edition, which has five columns and rows of letters instead of four. (Props to eBay for making it happen).

The music in the piece is an all original track, “Back Home,” written and played by Aaron, and recorded by our audio engineer Matthew using our ProTools system.

After scripting, production involved securing the camera directly overhead on an animation camera-stand. After numerous tests, discussions about logistics and lighting, we began shooting. In order to get the effect, we had to place the letters in their final resting position first.

Everything had to be done in reverse.

We developed a rhythmic counting system with a metronome to keep proper pacing. When Andrew set the Boggle game down on the table, we would count beats, then Aaron would hit the table underneath the set with a rubber mallet, shaking the Boggle pieces. At that exact moment, Andrew would pull the Boggle set up, shake it, and pull it out of screen.

After posting the video to our website with the original blue boggle and flesh colored hand, we decided it had to match our color scheme.

Andrew took the completed video in Final Cut Pro, and desaturated all the colors except green. He then tweaked the brightness and color to mimic our Creo Productions green color (Hex 339933). Running the video through After Effects with an HLS (Hue, Lightness, Saturation) filter made this process easy.

Finally, it was compressed with flash and added to