What’s Your Google Relations?

April 13th, 2007 at 6:17 AM

This is an excerpt from the Wired magazine article The See-Through CEO by Clive Thompson:

"Online is where reputations are made now," says Leslie Gaines Ross, chief reputation strategist - yes, that's her actual title - with the PR firm Weber Shandwick. She regularly speaks to companies that realize a single Google search determines more about how they're perceived than a multimillion-dollar ad campaign. "It used to be that you'd look only at your reputation in newspapers and broadcast media, positive and negative. But now the blogosphere is equally powerful, and it has different rules. Public relations used to be about having stuff taken down, and you can't do that with the Internet."

So, here’s how this relates to video: A well-titled online video posted on multiple user-based Internet sites creates a lasting Internet search engine presence.

Author Greg Stielstra, who recently launched his own marketing firm, PyroMarketing, Inc., pointed out the online longevity of this video we created.

Having good ‘Google’ vibe is only a side benefit of the online video revolution—video needs to be presented to its intended audiences for optimal impact.

However, if “a single Google search determines more about how people and companies are perceived than a multimillion-dollar ad campaign,” it’s more icing on the cake.

So, go ahead, Google your name and company—what does Google say about you?