Why Blog?

February 7th, 2007 at 12:15 PM

The purpose of our blog is to introduce our latest news and videos, while tracking industry trends into the constantly-changing world of video. What's the latest?

The explosion of online video and buzz surrounding sites like MySpace and YouTube has created a complex marketplace filled with tough questions. In response, we must continually challenge ourselves to think differently, to innovate, to create.

This is a forum dedicated to discovering effective ways of using video as a communication tool in the 21st Century. We'll post interesting articles, news, trends and insight into the world of video production, and how it's impacting global business.

Find out more about our work at CreoProductions.com or check out our network sites on YouTube and MySpace. If blogging isn't your bag, you can also sign up for our email newsletter called Creo Productions Updates.

The world of communication is constantly changing, and that's why we're here. Thanks for stopping by.